Aquinas on Christ Zoom Conference, July 18, 2020

And the Word was Made Flesh, Aquinas on Christ Zoom Conference, Talk 1

In this talk, Sr. Magdalene discusses the following questions: Who is this Word of God who became flesh; why did He become flesh; how can we rightly understand the fact that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us; and finally, how does the fact that the Word became flesh really affect us anyway?

Is Christ’s Beatific Vision Defensible Today? Fr Simon Francis Gaine, Aquinas on Christ 2020, Talk 2

After a brief introduction by Sr. Magdalene, Fr. Simon Francis Gaine, O.P., speaks on Christ’s Beatific Vision even during his earthly life.

Fr. Simon is a Dominican priest who, at the time of the conferenence, was teaching fundamental and dogmatic theology at Blackfriars, Oxford, and was a member of the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion. From September 1, 2020, Fr. Simon became the first Pinckaers Professor of Theological Anthropology and Ethics at the Pontifical University of St Thomas, Rome (otherwise known as the Angelicum).

Fr. Simon is the author of Will There Be Free Will in Heaven? Freedom, Impeccability and Beatitude (2003) and Did the Saviour See the Father? Christ, Salvation and the Vision of God (2015).

Fr John Emery, O.P., on the Charity of Christ’s Passion, Aquinas on Christ Conference 2020, Talk 3

After an introduction by Sr. Magdalene, Fr. John Emery, O.P., will lead us through Aquinas’ teaching on the Charity of Christ, particularly in His Passion.

Fr. John is a Dominican priest who is Professor and Head of Dogmatic Theology at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Buenos Aires (UNSTA), Argentina. He has a doctorate from the University of Fribourg, with a focus on Christology, and is also co-founder and co-director of the Aquinas Project, which runs the iaquinas website (

The Aquinas Project has the goal of offering a formation in the thought of Aquinas to anyone around the world, free of charge. The iaquinas website has an array of videos and articles in various languages.

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