Aquinas on the Trinity Recorded Course

Sr. Magdalene is offering an online series of recordings of a course on Aquinas’ teaching on the Trinity.

Throughout the course, we will be exploring the revelation of the Trinity with St. Thomas Aquinas! We will be reading some of his texts from the Summa Theologiae, as well as his commentary on the Gospel of John, contemplating both the doctrine and the scriptural foundations of this beautiful, central tenet of our faith more deeply.

You will be sent a password to watch a series of eight videos, one each week, and will have access to the course material that goes with each class.

We are asking for a donation of  £ 40 for the 8-week course (£5 per session). To donate, please go to our donations page.  

Please see the syllabus below.

Aquinas on the Trinity Syllabus

1Introduction; Trinitarian monotheism (oneness and threeness of God); Procession in God (ST I, q. 27), Arianism and Sabellianism  
2The Divine Relations (ST I, q. 28), Relations of Origin
3The Divine Persons (ST I, q. 29-32); What is a Person in God?
4The Person of God the Father (ST I, q. 33), Unbegotten Paternity
5The Person of God the Son (ST I, q. 34-35), Son, Word, and Image of the Father
6The Person of God the Holy Spirit (ST I, q. 36-38), The Holy Spirit as Love and Gift
7Three Persons as One Divine Essence, yet Distinct Personal Properties, Notional Acts
8The Divine Missions (ST I, q. 43)

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