Aquinas on the Passions, Talk 6: On Pain and Sorrow [ST I-II, q. 35-39]

The Aquinas on the Passions videos focus on the 11 main passions according to St. Thomas, as well as a few of the associated virtues or vices. Sr. Mary Magdalene, O. P., will also explain the relationship between the passions and our intellect or reason, as well as the relationship between the passions and the virtues, in general.

This Aquinas on the Passions video focuses on Pain and Sorrow according to St. Thomas. Sr. Mary Magdalene, O.P., will explain the difference between pain and sorrow, and when sorrow may be virtuous or a vice, as well as suggest a few remedies for it. Sr. Magdalene will also speak briefly about the passion of aversion in this video.

For an overview of the 11 main passions as well a few slides explaining them, go to the first talk, “Passions and Virtues in a Time of Distress.”

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